Norwich is a success story. We’re a vibrant city with a thriving economy and cultural scene that seamlessly combines the modern and the historic.

The council is responsible for approximately 60% of the city’s urban space, including our city centre and a population of around 141,000 residents.

To build on the city’s successes and address the challenges it faces, several key organisations joined forces to agree on a long-term vision of what they could achieve in Norwich by 2040. In November 2018, the city council published the Norwich 2040 City Vision document which set out five themes that make up a shared vision for the city:

  • creative
  • fair
  • liveable
  • connected
  • dynamic

Our corporate priorities

The city council’s three corporate priorities are the outcomes we want to see in Norwich:

  • People living well
  • Great neighbourhoods, housing and environment
  • Inclusive economy

Our services

The council provides a range of services for Norwich residents and visitors. These include: 

  • Planning, regeneration and economic development
  • Culture, tourism and leisure
  • Housing services, including providing and maintaining around 15,000 council homes – making us one of the nation’s largest local council landlords
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Street cleansing, waste collection and recycling
  • Processing housing and council tax benefits
  • Public protection, including licensing and environmental health
  • Electoral services
  • Community participation and community centres

Political make-up

The council has 39 councillors representing 13 wards throughout the city, and there are three councillors in each ward. All councillors serve a four-year term, and our current political makeup includes 27 Labour seats, 8 Green Party seats, 3 Liberal Democrat seats, and one independent seat.

The council operates a ‘leader and cabinet’ structure. The current cabinet consists of eight members of the Labour Group:

  • Leader of the council, Councillor ​Alan Waters
  • ​Deputy leader and social housing, Councillor Gail Harris
  • Safe and sustainable city environment, Councillor Kevin Maguire
  • Social inclusion, Councillor Karen Davis
  • Safer, stronger neighbourhoods, Councillor Beth Jones
  • Resources, Councillor Paul Kendrick
  • Sustainable and inclusive growth, Councillor Mike Stonard
  • Health and wellbeing, Councillor Matthew Packer

Notable achievements and awards

In recent years, we’ve proved to be a high-performing and award-winning council. Our notable achievements include:

  • Winner of the RIBA 2019 Stirling Prize for the Goldsmith Street development – a 100% social housing and Passivhaus scheme and the first housing scheme of any kind to be shortlisted for the prize.
  • Norwich Market – winner of the National Association of British Market Authorities (NAMBA) Best Large Outdoor Market Award 2019.
  • Our council-commissioned ‘Pathways’ project – an ambitious and innovative scheme which brings together eight specialist organisations to provide support for rough sleepers.
  • Named ‘Most Improved Council’ in the Local Government Chronicle (LGC) Awards in 2014.
  • Winner of the gold award for ‘Council of the Year’ in the 2014 iESE Improvement and Efficiency Awards.

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